How to Cable Cast On Knitting Stitches

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When doing a cable cast-on, you'll do a knit cast-on for your first stitch. Use the cable cast-on with help from an award-winning knitter in this free video on knitting techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Serena Nelson, and I've been knitting for about five years. I enjoy knitting for my family and friends and even myself. Today, I'm going to demonstrate how to cable cast on. For the cable cast on, you're going to make a slip knot as you do with most of the cast on. And go ahead and just put that on your needle; that will be on your left needle. And for the cable cast on, you're going to do a knit cast on for your first stitch. So, you're going to insert your needle through that stitch. Take your yarn, wrap it around that just like you would in knit stitch. Pull the needle with the loop that you just formed toward you. You're going to twist it a little bit and just put it right back there on your needle. So, that was just like your knit cast on. And then, when you actually do the cable cast on that you start outback; but, from here on out, instead of putting your needle through that first stitch, you actually put your needle through the two stitches. So here, you can see where your needle is actually between this stitch and this stitch and put your needle between the two stitches. So, take your yarn, wrap it around as you would if you were knitting. Pull your needle back, throw that loop out toward you, twist it and put it on your needle and then, you'll tighten it a little bit. And then, your next stitch, same thing, you'll take your needle and you'll insert it between those two stitches. You can see it I insert between the two stitches. Take your yarn, wrap it around as if you were to knit. Pull your loop out and you will put it on your needle. The cable cast on, you want it to be, you know, once again, not too tight especially with the cable cast on. Needle goes between those two stitches. Take your yarn, wrap it around between your needles. Pull that loop towards you, "Oops, didn't do it, need to do it quite that long in that one" and continue on. Now, the cable cast on, one of the things you'll see of one of the purposes for the cable cast on is if ever you're into knitting sweaters with button bands. So, a lot of times when you're doing your buttonholes, on one row they'll have you cast off to create the buttonhole and then, on your next row back they'll actually have you do a cable cast on. And it just gives it a nice look and reinforces that buttonhole. Once you get cast on, you'll see that it kind of almost creates like a little chain or little rope that will go down at the end, at the edge of your stitches. And that is the cable cast on. That's all there is to it. Once again, I'm Serena, and I have demonstrated on how to cable cast on.


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