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In magic, the basic side hand magic trick is executed with a deck of cards and a spectator. Get an explanation of this card trick with help from an award-winning magician in this free video on magic tricks.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Award Winning Magician Paul Weatherbee and this is the basic side hand magic trick. For this trick you are going to need a deck of cards and a spectator. First, I'm going to perform this to show you what it looks like, then, I'm going to explain it to you. Here's my deck of cards; now, all we need is someone to pick a card. Sir, could you please step right up. Pick a card, don't be shy. Take it out, look at it and remember it. If you don't remember it, it's going to make for a lousy trick in a few minutes when I ask you what your card was. Have you got your card memorized? "I do." Very good. Put your card, face down right there. And we will shuffle it into the deck. Get it lost, just like this. Alright, now, if you would, please cut the cards in about half and we'll mark the cut, just like that. Now, you know, there's a very popular book out nowadays, called the Secret. Have you heard of that? "No." Well, it talks about the law of attraction and things like that. It's kind of an esoteric book. They talk about the law of attraction. They say that the more you're familiar with something, the more it's attracted to you or the more you attract it. Now, you've had a card, you selected a card and you had it in your hands and you memorized it and you were thinking of that card. Let's take a look where you cut the cards. Go ahead and take a look at the card that you cut to. What was your card by the way? "It's a seven of hearts." Go ahead and turn that card over. What do you know? It's a seven of hearts. And that is the basic side hand magic trick. Thank you very much. And now for the explanation of the side hand magic trick. This trick incorporates bringing a card to the top of the deck and the cross cut force. First, you have someone select the card. Now let's say, the ten of diamonds. And you cut the pack, have them return it to the pack. You take the other half of the deck and you maintain a break. There are tutorials on the break in magic tricks; take a look at one of those. Basically what you do, you put your finger on the back, your little finger on the back and you hold it to pocket separate. Then, do a double undercut which means you cut cards off the bottom until you cut to the break. That brings their card to the top. The next part is a cross cut force. You have someone cut the cards and then you tell them you're going to mark the cut and you put the bottom section right there. You have to have a little time delay, so you tell them a little bit of a story or you can make something up. You can use what I said or make something up like I said. And then, you tell them that you're going to take a look at the card that they cut to which really isn't the card that they cut to, but, they don't realize that. You ask them what the card was, then when I turn it over, they see that it's the same card that they had selected previously. And that is the basic side hand magic trick. I hope you have fun with it. I'm Magician Paul Weatherbee. Check out and rock on and keep your magic strong.


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