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Cartooning techniques have evolved a bit due to technology, but the drawings still mainly consist of many circles with some simple lines. Discover how to create cartoons from a caricature artist in this free video on cartooning techniques.

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Hi I'm Bill Connoly. I'm going to show you some cartooning techniques and first your materials that you are going to need are of course some paper and some pencils. Nowadays you can do it on the computer with a Wacom tablet like I have got at home. So we're going to go back to the old fashioned way and just draw out some of the various techniques. You just start out with a simple technique. A lot of times with cartoons it's just all circles if you are drawing something like Charlie Brown a simple technique like that, it's just a lot of circles and simple lines and Charles Schultz always made it look really easy when he was drawing simple cartoons. If you're doing something a little more realistic like a Superman you kind of sketch it out here and divide up the head there and then you're ready to roll and then whereas with Charlie Brown it would be a little simpler. His head might actually be bigger than his body but with a more realistic like a marvel comic's technique there you would have things more in proportion to the way they would look on a real human being and so there is smiling Superman and put in the, fill it in there and fill in a little more detail and there he is and he has got the cape going around there and a little more as far as the actual scale of what the body would be you could craw an actual chest on him and the logo there. There are various different line techniques too like a shaky line or a smooth line but those are the two basic kinds is the cartoon classic, cartoon style and when you get into the realistic cartoons like a Superman like a marvel comics here or there. So that's how to draw different cartooning techniques. I'm Bill Connoly your cartooning expert. Thanks for watching.


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