How to Make Fake Glass

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Making fake glass to spray and explode for that exciting action sequence in a movie can be done with silicone rubber and a food processor. Learn to expertly create fake glass with advice from an independent filmmaker in this free video about making practical fake glass effects.

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Video Transcript

Hi I am Shaun O'Rourke with Eleven Bravo Productions, and I am here at EUE Screen Gem Studios. The largest studio complex east of Hollywood in Wilmington, North Carolina, and I want to talk today about how to make fake glass. Now for years we have been watching major motion pictures. And we watch all these action sequences where people are jumping, and glass is exploding all around them, and people land on the ground, and glass falls all over them. And you say to yourself man are they really throwing glass on people? God, what if they got something in the eye? What if they hurt somebody? Well here's the trick to it. What they do is they get clear silicone. Now you can purchase silicone online or at a store that sells silicone, and have it shipped to your house. Once you get the silicone you are going to have to mix the two chemicals together, and let it set up. Try to do in small ice cube trays. Just pour the liquid silicone into ice trays, and let it set up. Once it has hardened into clear ice cube shaped squares of silicone you are going to take that silicone, and you are going to drop it into a food processor. Now make sure it is a food processor that you are not going to eat with. Something that you are going to use just to mess around with to make special effect glass. Once that is all chewed up, and you food process it down a couple of times you are going to get lots of little bits, and granules of clear silicone. Now this is going to look just like glass, but you can take it, and you can throw it at somebody, and it is going to bounce right off of them, because basically it is little pieces of silicone rubber. Now it is a great effect, it is an awesome effect. They use it in movies all the time. You are going to grind up a lot of this, and have it in a container a good size bucket of it, and you are going to be standing there on set, and you are going to grab handfuls of it, and when the director says action, and these actors hit the ground, because gun fire is going off. You are going to be that guy off camera just throwing this glass into the air, but it is fake silicone clear rubber that has been pulverized in a food processor. Just keep throwing it. It a makes perfect effect , it doesn't harm actors, and it is safe. And that is the key to making fake glass for a major motion picture.


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