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A side glide, known as a glissade in classical ballet, is performed by sliding from first position into a demi-plie in second position and back to first position. Understand the steps that go into a glissade with help from a ballet artistic director in this free video on ballet dancing.

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Video Transcript

This is Lynda DeChane from the South Florida Ballet Theater; home of the Florida Princess Ballet School in Hollywood, Florida. Now in this clip we're going to show you how to do a side glide dance step. Now this is a misconception. All French Ballet is taught in French. The French term for this would be a glissade which means to glide to the side. Alexandra will start demonstrating by doing a demi plie in first position with her arms on, in first position. Do you remember arms in first here? Both arms; yeah. Then when you go to the, to do your glissade, arms open to the second, come back into first. And go ahead dear. Alright. Land in plie. Land in plie, Alexandra and please stay in plie. And you do it one more time; go to side; go to the side; open and close and plie. Very good; very good. Now you're going to do one in fifth position going the other way. So you're going to put this foot in back; right and then go ahead and plie. Right. Again, demi plie; you're always going to land in plie, remember. Plie; that's right and that's a glissade. Another type of side step is called a chasse. Chasse means to chase in French. Alexandra's going to demonstrate a chasse for us by doing the preparation. You'll always should prepare the specific preparation for each step so she's going to prepare for chasse and she's going to chasse to the side which means the front leg is being chased by the back leg. You can do more than one Alexandra. Okay. Another thing that's very important about the chasse is that when dancer prepares, her preparation will line her body up and will also line herself up on the stage. So do your preparation Alexandra. And she also makes sure that she keeps her heels forward very beautifully and that her line, and a chasse is diagonal. So it is not a horizontal step and then she will chasse again to the side. This has been been Lynda DeChane and thank you for watching.


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