How to Clean Canvas Ballet Shoes

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Canvas ballet shoes can be cleaned using a calamine lotion that is dabbed onto the surface until stains are removed. Keep ballet shoes looking clean and tidy for the stage with help from a ballet artistic director in this free video on ballet dancing.

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Video Transcript

This is Lynda DeChane from the South Florida Ballet Theater; home of the Florida Princess Ballet School in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip we're going to show you how to clean a canvass ballet slipper. You might want to try to use some; some dancers use a makeup; some dancers use a Calamine lotion. You apply it to a cloth or cotton and you lightly start to dab it onto your shoe and if you see, the color will start to come back to the shoe. It's very important when a dancer goes on stage that her shoes do not look like this. So we have all these little tricks because the shoe maybe still a very nice shoe and it might be your favorite pair to be, to make sure that you're, you are able to keep that shoe in appearance looking like something someone might want to see on stage. You also can do this if you're wearing a canvass shoe and you need to wear a flesh color; you can pick the makeup that matches your skin and also apply that to the ballet slipper to make it match your skin. In addition to canvass ballet slippers, there are many different styles of ballet slippers. This one is a very light slipper that has an elastic across the arch of the foot as well as across the top of the shoe. A lot of professional dancers love to wear this because it sticks with their foot and it's very invisible on stage. We also have the teaching shoe. Most teachers like to wear shoe; it has a little elevated heel and it's also very pliable and points very well and very comfortable for her long days teaching in the studio. So, the importance of cleaning the shoes obviously is that ecstatically pleasing shoes on stage is, is a very important thing. We would not want your eyes to be drawn to a dirty shoe so we have a lot of tricks obviously in as far as keeping our shoes looking nice. This has been Lynda DeChane; thank you for watching.


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