Ballet Barre Exercises

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A few basic ballet barre exercises include tondues, plies, frappes, degages and pirouette preparations. Learn some of the foundational barre exercises for classical ballet with help from a ballet artistic director in this free video on ballet dancing.

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Video Transcript

This is Lynda DeChane from the South Florida Ballet Theater; home of the Florida Princess Ballet School in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip we're going to show you some ballet barre exercises. Alexandra is going to from fifth position, go into battement tendu which means to sweep and tendu meaning to point and stretch the toes. "Could you do four battement tendus to the front please in grand passe."The next exercise that we're going to show you at the barre is going to be frappe. She'll do four frappes to the front which means to strike the floor. She'll tendu to the side; put the foot in saute quarter plie and then grand passe. "Very good". The next exercise you're going to do is degage which means like a dagger or like a knife; in other words to stab. So the exercise, the foot stabs out. Same thing forward to the front and grand passe. "Very good". Another exercise we do with the barre is something that we bring out into the center of the floor, but you're going to face the barre in fifth position and you're going to do preparation for pirouette. The pirouette is a turn. Go to second, right and then balance. "But feel free, just do the, the preparation here honey." Right. Maybe sure your baby toe is directly underneath your knee and that you keep your turn out in this leg. "More, yes; okay. And of course what about your belt. Is your, are your hips straight?" Yes. This is one of those exercises where the dance belt comes in very handy. The dancer could very easily lift her leg too high. "Lift your leg too high Alexandra." And then of course the hip rises and they're off, they're off square. So the perfect place is your baby toe right underneath your knee, for perfect balance. "Would you like to try to balance?" "Very good. Very good." Okay. Alright, the next exercise you are going to do at the barre is you're going to do; bring your feet to first position and you're going to do plie releves at the barre. You're going to do four in first, four in second and then four echappes; okay; in fifth. Plie, releve; one, two feet. Plie releve would be plie releve; four times in first. "Make your heels touch please." "Right. Hold your barre and then go to second; four plie releves in second position. You can hold it, you don't have to balance, that's fine. Very good. And then you're going to do in fifth, four echappes." Plie; echappe to second mean escape. "Plie, right; there you go. Now you remember." This has been Lynda DeChane and thank you for watching.


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