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The easiest way to learn guitar chords is to gain an understanding of fretboard diagrams, which are essentially drawings of a guitar neck. Learn how to build on easy guitar chords with help from a professional musician in this free video on guitar chords.

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Video Transcript

Hello this is Lucian Williams from Let's talk about how to play guitar chords. The easiest way to learn guitar chords is to understand the fretboard diagrams. The diagram is actually a drawing of the guitar neck. The top horizontal line being the nut and the subsequent horizontal lines being the first, second, third, fourth fret etc. The vertical lines from right to left represent the first, second, third and fourth, fifth and sixth strings. The black dots tell you where to put your fingers of your left hand and the numbers indicate which fingers of your left hand you play those notes with. The O's stand for open strings. The lowercase m on this chord stands for minor. This is an E minor chord so you have your second finger on the second fret of the fifth string and your third finger also on the second fret of the fourth string. All the other strings ring out open. So now we're going to show this on the guitar. It's very important to play with the tips of your fingers, not this part of your finger but the very tips of your fingers so that the adjacent strings are not muffled. Now when you practice chords you should strum them very slowly one string at a time so you can check to make sure the open strings are ringing out. If you try to practice the chords too quickly you may think all the strings are ringing out but if you check slowly you can see where one is muffled so you have to adjust your left hand accordingly and make sure you play with the very tips of your fingers. I recommend trying to learn the easiest guitar chords first like E minor then you might try to master the A minor chord and after you do that practice going between the two chords. Always practice the chords in pairs as you learn them going back and forth because that's what you'll have to do in a song. This is Lucian Williams and thank you for watching.


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