How to Imitate Sound Effects on an Electric Guitar

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In order to imitate sound effects on an electric guitar, try using distortion effects, chorus effects and wah-wah effects. Discover ways to use effects pedals in guitar playing with help from a professional musician in this free video on electric guitar sound effects and effects pedals.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Lucian Williams, from In this clip, we're going to talk about how to use sound effects on an electric guitar. We're going to look at three different effects, the first one being distortion which distorts the guitar sound, makes it fuzzy, allows the strings to sustain longer, and it's very popular with rock and roll. The second one is a clean sound called chorus, which it has kind of a sweeping effect and fullness to chord accompaniment. And the third sound is the wah-wah, which is kind of self-explanatory. Down here is a pedal board, and this first pedal gives me distortion. I just press on it. The light goes on, and when I want to shut the distortion off I press it again. The second pedal, in the middle, is for the chorus effect. Again, that light goes on and off. This pedal, to the right, is the wah-wah pedal. I press it all the way down. That little red light comes on, and now the wah -wah pedal is activated. I press it down hard to shut it off. The first sound effect is an example of using distortion. Next, we'll do the chorus, which has a more mellow, sweeping sound. And finally, the wah-wah pedal, which has almost a human quality. You can also create sound effects without any effects; just with the strings and the pick, like animal noises like a chicken or imitate a train whistle just by bending the strings. This is Lucian Williams, and thank you for watching.


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