How to Choose Guitar Picks

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When choosing guitar picks, remember that thin picks are good for strumming, medium picks are good for playing leads and heavy picks are good for jazz. Find out how to control heavy or medium-gauge guitar strings with help from a professional musician in this free video on guitar picks.

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Video Transcript

Hello this is Lucian Williams from Here are some tips on choosing guitar picks. Guitar picks come in different shapes and sizes the most common being the rounded triangle or the smaller teardrop shape pick. Whatever is more comfortable for you. They also come in different thicknesses, light or thin picks are good for strumming and have a very nonabrasive gentle sound. Now medium shaped picks are good if you want to play leads where you need a little more control. They are not as floppy as the light picks and they're good for rock and roll. Thick or heavy picks are good for jazz and give you the most control for heavy or medium gage strings. There are many different ways to hold the guitar pick. The traditional way is to have the knuckle bent at a right angle like this. Personally I use an unconventional way popularized, well not popularized but used by the great guitarist George Benson where he holds it upside down and picks with the fat end of the triangle and keeps the index finger straight and the elbow tilted up, face it so your palm is sort of facing you and that lets you keep, that lets you keep the pick at a right angle to the strong at a 90 degree angle of the string even when you get down to the lower six strings. But that's only one way to play and to use a guitar pick. There are many great guitar pickers who use all different kinds of styles so there is no one correct way, just find what's comfortable for you in your music. This has been Lucian Williams. Thank you for watching.


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