How to Draw a Military Tank

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A military tank is drawn by juxtaposing a few simple shapes to represent the main body, the wheels and the gun. Complete a tank drawing by sketching in a camouflage paint job with advice from an award-winning artist in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hello my name is Jacklyn Laflamme from In this clip I'm going to show you how to draw a military tank. So we're going to draw a little square at the top and then a half circle. From here we are going to draw a triangle and another little square. Draw a long kind of rectangle and maybe just have it come to a little point, another little square on the end so that we get our gun and then we're going to draw some lines and just angle this line ever so slightly down and it's almost like another triangle shape and then a long line to create the bottom of the tank and then we'll just draw a line to divide the tank in the middle and then the little exhaust coming off the bank. There is also a little triangle here in the front. Then we're going to think about the wheels. So the wheels are pretty simple. We're just going to draw circles, circles, circles, all the way along so that we get the bottom of the tank and then you know there's that rubber strip that goes so we're just going to follow these circles, see how simple that is just to bring a line here and then come up. Then we're going to draw another straight line so that we get that rubber look and just fill that in. So you see how quick and easy that is then in each circle we're just going to draw one more little circle and you can really see that this tank is going to be able to move now. I'm going to darken in this just a bit, darken that in. Then if we want to get our camouflage design on it we just go like this and just you know how camouflage kind of looks and you just draw in your lines and then we're just going to do some quick lines here in the bottom and just fill it in like this and add a couple more little details, a little shaft on the top here and there you have it. Your military tank. Thank you very much. This is Jacklyn Laflamme.


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