How to Draw a '57 Chevy

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A 1957 Chevy has unique features specific to the era of car, and drawing this model involves sketching in the headlamps, the tires and the fins on the back of the vehicle. Find out how to render a classic mid-century car with advice from an award-winning artist in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hello my name is Jacklyn Laflamme from Today we're going to show you how to sketch a '57 Chevy. It seems like it would be really difficult but actually if we start off with just the basic shapes it's not too difficult so we're going to start off with the headlamps which are just two circles and some circles for the tires. When we start to do the body it's just basically pulling in a rectangular shape all the way here to the headlamp and then we'll add another line in here for the hood. If we want to put in the windshield we're just going to do another rectangle shape here. So you see these are just very basic shapes to help build the foundation of the car and again just another line to connect the tires and another line to the front. For the grill we're just going to bring a little bit of an angled line at the top and another little kind of angular line at the bottom and then we're just going to fill in the details so we'll add two more lines just to formulate that grill then we'll add in a little bit of detail here for the front of the grill and the front of the grill and now you can really start to see the car shaping up. One more little detail and of course, 57 Chevy's have these really cool little lights in the front here and that's just a matter of drawing almost like a little sphere here and then a triangle to get those little lights in. Then we'll draw a line for the top of the hood here and we'll do some of the details to get in those windows and just another little line here, then we'll just bring two little lines down here, one more little line for the door, and little door handles. Then we get to do the fun part, we can put in some of this little detail here and just pull your little lines with your marker and then we'll just pull the line across here right across the grill and if you can picture that being in nice shiny metal, a little bit of detail here and add a little bit more detail to the head lamps. Then on the front of the hood we have this pretty cool ornamentation here just going like this in little points, up again in little points and of course you want to have the little insignia here and we'll draw in the bottom of the tires, fill that in a little bit and give the tire here a little bit of perspective and the back tire as well and we can add just a little bit more detail to the tires, one more little line and it looks like we're almost done, just put in a few little details here to show that this is glass and a line for the road and the back fender and there you have it, a 57 Chevy. This is Jacklyn Laflamme. Thank you for watching.


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