Where Can I Buy Photography Backgrounds?

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Photography backgrounds from a specialty store can be very expensive, but high-quality fabrics can be purchased from fabric stores for much less money, and eBay is another great option for discounted backgrounds. Find alternatives to expensive studio backdrops with helpful tips from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography supplies.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Alex Compton with Luminescence Photography in Pahrump, Nevada. I'd like to share with you a few ideas of where you can pick up photographic backgrounds. True, you can go into a big photography store and spend lots of money to get the heavy duty fabrics and whatnot for the backdrops and the nice expensive racks to put them on but it's really not that necessary to do so. Online e-bay stores have some excellent inexpensive prices for backdrops if you want to look on there or you can create some of your own if you have a little bit of artistic talent of your own, you can get some flat paint, put it on to a board and make several different ones so that you could slide them in and out for different backdrops. You can also go and purchase fabric from fabric stores or places such as Wal-mart. Usually if you go back into the remnant section you can find all different kinds of nice fabrics and materials that you can work with. Just bear in mind if you're going to that you want to typically have a matte finish on there of some kind, an opaque surface so the light doesn't completely bleed through unless you already have something in the background and then you want to have some kind of a sheer or a shimmer to give it some kind of a reflective surface on the back. Here are some samples of some fabrics that I picked up at the local Wal-mart. Here is a little bit of nice lace picked up in the remnant section out of here. It works very well for the more delicate feminine pictures that you might need to come across. This one here is a faux suede very nice for the masculine shots or the more rustic images. This particular one has a heavy black background on the other side, however, it is a shiny surface so I'm not going to be more inclined to use that although there might be an occasion where I will. Instead I'm going to be more likely to use this particular felt type of fabric, but do bear in mind if you're going to use something like this to make sure that all the lint is off of there. This one also has a little rough surface to it, a little bit of a nap so you have to make sure that that texture is going to blend with what it is that you're going to be trying to shoot. Another inexpensive option is to get a nice flat sheet. You can quite often find those in close outs over at the stores. Just bear in mind that with that one you're going to want to make sure to iron out all the wrinkles ahead of time.


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