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The basic supplies necessary for a beginning photographer include a high-quality camera, a computer, photo editing software, a camera-mount flash, a reflector and an assortment of lights. Set up a basic studio for high-quality shots with helpful tips from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on the photography supplies.

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Video Transcript

Hello I'm Alex Compton with Luminescence Photography in Pahrump, Nevada. So you want to set yourself up a photo studio. Well there is a few supplies you're going to be needing. We are assuming by now that you already have your camera but realize you are probably going to need to have a few backup batteries, extra memory cards, doubtless you are going to need a computer and we're of course assuming that you are shooting digitally and then you'll want to have some kind of a software editing program for those shots. That said, for the studio itself you'll want to have some kind of a camera mount flash at least, ideally one which you can remove and put on to a light stand if necessary that will get you by until such time that you can afford to get the bigger lights. Another big necessity is to have some kind of a reflector. You can make do in the beginning by taking the matte side of some aluminum foil on to a piece of cardboard but you can also purchase on line through E-bay, they have some E-bay stores over there, very inexpensive, very nice 5 and 1 reflectors up to like 42 inches for under $40 so it's not a really big investment for something which you can change and change the tones on. Again you're going to need a camera tripod, ideally you'll have some kind of a remote or some cord in order to take the long time exposures for the low light situations when you want to have very nice lighting. You'll need back drops and props of some kind. Those can be purchased relatively inexpensively by buying fabrics over at Wal-mart or some fabric store for that matter, hitting yard sales for the props and sometimes you can find some great photographic equipment in the yard sales and thrift stores as well. Don't forget the little hardware necessities like clamps and tape in order to hold up the backdrops until such a time as you have the boards to put them on to. Clamps are very important sometimes to hold your reflectors into place. You might have to have, in lieu of having an assistant you might have to have something to set those reflectors on to angle them appropriately for the shot and step ladders to give you a different angle and point of view on your picture, very nice simple inexpensive things that you can use. Some kind of a diffuser is nice. You can now get universal diffusers to go on your other flashes. If not, you can usually make due with some kind of a see through fabric, just make sure that if you have a flood light or some kind of a hot source that it's not going to get too hot for you and burn out the fabric or melt your equipment. You will also need a hair light, some little light to come down and add a little shine on to the hair and some little back light in order to bring up the tones from underneath. Those you can find just inexpensive reflectors like little clamp lights over at the hardware stores. Make sure though to realize you are also going to have to invest in bulbs for anything that is of flood light nature.


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