How to Play Salsa on the Bass

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When playing salsa on the bass, it's important to capture the rhythmic feel of this danceable form of music. Attach a dotted quarter note to another with help from a professional upright and electric bass player in this free video on playing salsa bass lines.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Colin Trusedell. I'm an electric and upright base instructor in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to play a Salsa base line. Salsa music is from the country of Cuba or Puerto Rico. There's different schools of where it originated and today's music with Cuba and Puerto Rico, it's just predominantly a Cuban-Puerto Rican-Caribbean style of Latin music. But Salsa, it's also affiliated with the clave so the standard clave rhythm is, so Salsa base lines are something that they capture the clave but also just giving a lower end and the rhythmic feel of the base line. So, a typical base line they find in Salsa music which is also a Salsa music is a dance just like all Latin music forms, it's a dance. So it has to be danced to so you have to think very basic but it has to be inside the groove. So you have like a dotted quarter note attached to a dotted quarter note. So you have a rhythm, a base line with sound like this, so it's a very onward pushing motion with the base but it has, it's a little bit on the end. So if you think everything on the ends, boom, oom, oom, oom, oom, oom, oom, oom, oom. So it's slower, it's very tricky because you gotta be locked in with the drummer as always because this base drummer is going to be like, and so you think slower, this is a slower version. So, with that said, think rhythmic, you've got to lock in with the drummer and you, people want to dance the Salsa music so make sure it's danceable. Thank you very much. I'm Colin Trusedell.


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