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Heavy metal style bass combines rhythmic and melodic elements, and it's important to compliment the other guitars when playing in this style. Find out how to play eighth notes and 16th notes as a metal bassist with help from a professional upright and electric bass player in this free video on playing metal bass guitar.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Colin Trusedell, I am an electric and upright bass instructor in Miami, Florida. In this clip I am going to show you how to play a heavy metal style or a metal style on the electric bass. Typically in heavy metal, and metal music is an American music form. It combines of many different rhythmic elements as well as melodic elements. You really want to try to get all of those melded into one to make a good song. So a lot of basses usually in metal music for basswise they will use a pic. And what they are trying to do is they are trying to compliment what the guitars are doing. Basically like the lower end of what the guitar work. In a metal band you will have one bass, and two guitars. So I am just going to play a little bass line that I wrote, and just an original little thing. It is combining different melodic elements with the percussive and rhythmic elements. So there is a lot of eighth notes mixed with sixteenth note rhythms, and triplets, and all that. So it sounds like this. So that is obviously very fast, but I am going to do it a lot slower, and after the first section of the actual notes you can have in there, there is a low E, and what I am doing is I am doing sixteenth notes figures where it sounds like this. So slower. So the whole entire lick a lot slower. So everything is on the E string. It is combining melodic elements with rhythmic elements, and so the guitars would play basically the higher end of what is going on with that metal bass style on an electric bass. So the pic, the nice melodic elements, the rhythmic elements make a good metal bass line. Thank you very much, I am Colin Trusedell.


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