Proper Left-Hand Technique for the Guitar

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When playing the electric bass, it's important to have a firm foundation with the left hand, and it's also important to use all four fingers and the thumb. Learn how to avoid replacing the pinkie with the third finger with help from a professional upright and electric bass player in this free video on left-hand technique for the bass guitar.

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Video Transcript

In this clip I am going to talk a little bit about left hand bass techniques, electric bass techniques. When you are playing the electric bass you want to have a very firm foundation in your left hand, and it is so important to use all four fingers, and then use your thumb. And the placement of the thumb is extremely important. What you want to do is you want to have a C. So you place your thumb in the middle of the neck on the back. So say you are going to play a C major scale. Place your thumb right in the middle of the bass guitar, then curve your fingers over, and usually put if you are going to use a C major scale put your second finger on C, which is the third fret on the A string. So put your third finger there, and then you have a C if you can see right here you have a C of a firm foundation in the left hand. So then place the rest of your fingers down so you have a perfect line going on with the left hand. So this right here is going to give you the foundation, and I can't stress enough how important this is the foundation is. As if like you are laying brick for a building. So put your second finger down, your thumb in the back, and then play your scale. Using your pinkie. You have to use your pinkie. Don't use your third finger to replace your pinkie. You always have to even starting off you have to use your pinkie always. Use your first, and your pinkie. Also think about the block. Think about a block as in you have three different frets right here if you are in C major. So you have this block of just basic tones. So you have the tonic, tonic, fifth, tonic, fourth, fifth, seventh, tonic. So if you have your second finger on C, and then this is a good C major scale. So two, four, one, two, four, one, three, four, three, one, four, two, one, two, four, two, sorry about that. So the way that looks all put together is, and that is a good foundation on left hand bass techniques. Thank you very much, I am Colin Trusedell.


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