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The setup for an electric bass should typically include a number of tools for gigs, such as wire cutters, pliers and Allen wrenches. Find out how to adjust the height of the bridge with help from a professional upright and electric bass player in this free video on bass guitar setup tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Colin Trusedell. I'm an electric and upright bass instructor in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to give you a couple of electric bass set up tips. Some of the tools that I always have on you, you always need to have these tools in your gig bag. Because no matter what, something is going to happen where you might not even need to fix your bass but you might need to use it for something else. Any type of case where you're doing gigs, lots of gigs, lots of different cities, touring, everything. So one of the biggest things that you're going to, one of the most important tools are wire cutters, because these are going to help you cut your strings so you can have much more tidy and neat head stock up here with your strings. When you have them spread out all over the place and you don't cut them they will look horrible and then you have intonation problems and a lot of tuning problems and all that. Another thing, you can go to a guitar center or any those music shops, you can go and get these little, you know little trinkets and they kind of server as pliers and just multi function little tools. These are really important tools. Another really important set of tools is a set of Allen wrenches. I mean the bigger ones you're not going to use a whole bunch but the littler ones you're going to need to adjust your bass on here when you change strings, when you get a new different set up, what you want to do with your bass. Also like eyeglasses, eyeglass little screwdrivers, these have helped me a lot too. So if you think about it, how to adjust your bass, Music Man basses, you need to have a small little tiny Allan wrench that will allow you to get in to this little area to adjust the height of your bridge. So what you're going do, what this does is that allows your different type of finger techniques to, it can either be higher strings or lower strings down here. Also you can adjust the head, the truss rod with a larger Allan wrench. And that's pretty much it with electric bass set up tips I have. Just making sure that this is at a reasonable level, everything is pretty much even so that when I get down here and start playing, everything works out well with what I'm trying to do. Those are some set up tips for the electric bass. Thank you very much, I'm Colin Trusedell.


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