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Creative photography ideas could stem from a subject matter that is very familiar to the artist, such as a backyard tree, a place of work or loved ones. Experiment with light, change and angles to get more interesting images with information from a professional photographer in this free video on photography ideas.

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Video Transcript

Certainly the easiest way is to photograph things that you know. Photograph around you. If you are an orderly in a hospital then photograph that. There are a lot of orderlies that are photographers that are photographing their daily life. The thing that most photographers look at is they say well I want to go some place beautiful. I want to photograph something beautiful. Well then you have to travel there, you have to wait for it and then when you get there you have to do something creative and then you get back and you have to do something with it. You'd be, I think you'd be better off photographing what's right there, what's right next to you, what's right next door. I mean I spend a lot of time photographing the national cemetery here in Wilmington because it's two doors away from my house and it changes. It changes all the time. You're always going to have something different. I think it was Minor White who very late in his life and very late in his career photographed a tree that was right outside his window and he photographed it year round. He photographed it every day and it was amazing to him how different each of those photographs were. I've got a series of photographs of nude pregnant women and I photographed each woman in exactly the same way with the same lighting the same background because what's interesting is the difference in the women. It's not about me as a photographer to get a different angle and you know who knows what, you know, to so something creative with that. The creative is actually seeing that situation, understanding it and being able to record it, being able to record that situation. One of the reasons why I started with nude pregnant women is it's difficult, it's nerve racking, it's difficult to be there with and pregnant women feel very, they don't feel real good about themselves. They're afraid of how they look but they know they're on top of it. We know who the pregnant woman is, who the best person in the room is and everybody else is just kind of going along trying to make this happen without getting too nervous about it. You know, I mean anybody can take a beautiful sunset picture but if that's your job to go take a sunset picture tonight, not that easy.


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