What Does Stock Photography Mean?

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Stock photography refers to images that can be sold and used royalty-free for various reasons. Find out the type of images that become stock photography with information from a professional photographer in this free video on photography terminology.

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Video Transcript

Going through and cataloging all these photographs have given rise to the, to the stock photo. I mean, you know, they're kind of hand and, hand and glove here because now you can find them. Somebody says, "Hey, you know, I need a picture of Mt. Rushmore and my budget doesn't allow me to go there, send somebody there; so do you have a picture of Mt. Rushmore?" Well, there's only a couple of places to shoot Mt. Rushmore from, if you're not in a helicopter. And so pretty much everybody's picture's the same. If it's exposed correctly and there's a nice sky, then that's a good photograph. And so what, you know, what do you going to sell that photograph for? Well, less than it cost to make it certainly. You already paid to go and make that photograph. So the second time around, you can give them a discount and there's a lot of our directors looking for that and so stock photography is, is making that kind of in road into, you know, photographers getting, getting shoots, 'cause you don't need to make that photograph. You can, you can go into stock and so many smaller photographers and smaller studios are able to bring these online; so you'll be able to search them. And there's a couple of large independent agencies that basically just bring photographers together; allow them to put up images and then send them requests or show them request. And if you have photographs that match that request, then you put them up and the client goes through and they say in the beginning; you know, "I've got extra amount of dollars for this photograph." They go through and look at them and go yeah, "I'll take that one, that one and that one. Pay the photographer; the photographer pays the, the agency a fee; whatever that fee is they agree on and everybody is happy.


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