How to Draw Santa Claus Elves

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When drawing Santa Claus elves, don't forget to include the triangular hat, the swirly shoes and the pointed ears. Create your own elf drawing with a demonstration from an award-winning artist in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hello I'm Jacklyn Laflamme from In this clip we're going to learn how to draw Santa Claus elves. We're going to start off by drawing a circle for the head. And a little line almost in a T for the, so we know where to place the body. From there, we're just going to bring down almost, going to bring down some lines for the coat. And just add two little triangles for the arms and then a triangle at the top of the circle for the hat. We're just going to draw in the bottom of the coat here. And then a couple of little lines to signify where the legs are going to go. And then of course those big elfin shoes with the big swirlies. One more big swirly at the end of the shoe. Alright so we have our very rough outline. At this point we're going to take our green color pencil and we're going to start adding in the detail. So first we're going to add in the collar to the coat. And we're going to draw out the belt to hold the coat together and add some little buttons. And we're just going to fill in the coat and add a little bit more detail for the arms. And he'll have his hands in his pocket. And we're just going to fill in that collar. Fill in the arms with really quick strokes back and forth and later we can go back in and add some detail with black. Now we can just start filling in the hat. Again with nice big broad strokes. Put a little pom-pom on top. And we're going to take our black now and we're going to start adding in the hair for the elf, sticking out of the hat. He's going to have just a little bit of hair coming out. And then we're going to put in some little elfin eyes. Just almost like little fish shapes for the eyes. We''ll fill them in. And he's going to be a happy elf so we're going to put a little smiley face on him and just a little button nose. And again you see how we can come back in here with the black and outline so that a little bit more detail comes up. And again, work on that buckle for the belt and we'll make his belt black today. Okay, you're going to go back to the green here for a sec for the legs. And I think most elves have nice little striped tights on. Santa likes it that way. So we'll just add the stripes. Just little half circle lines. And we'll color them in. Almost like candy cane stripes. And now we'll work on these fun shoes. Again the big swirlies. And one more big swirly. And we'll just add a little bit more detail. Fill in the coat. And you can see Santa's elf coming to life. Thank you very much, this is Jacklyn Laflamme.


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