Particles in an Atom

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What components or particles make up an atom? Continue learning science in this free educational video atoms and matter.

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Video Transcript

Now the components of an atom are situated in various designations or, sorry. This is clip number 14. Now the components of an atom are situated in various designated areas of the atom. The nucleus, in the center, as we mentioned earlier, is the control center of an atom. This is where the protons and neutrons hang out. Now something mentioned at the beginning of this presentation is good to bring up here. That's a quark. We don't know lots about quarks because our technology doesn't take us that far. What we do know is that various types of quarks combine in certain ways to form neutrons and protons in the nucleus. It's like a whole little city going on in here. Now quarks are made up of matter, again as noted, because they're inside the atom. Outside the nucleus, again is where the electrons hang out. They hang out in an electron cloud. There are various levels to this. Ever heard of the situation of opposites attract? This has to do with a scientific term because inside an atom the electrons are negative and the protons are positive. The electrons never go into the nucleus. But they're somehow strangely attracted to the positive protons. Again, opposites do attract. This is what keeps them going. You can see these little things just floating around. I mean not with the naked eye, but with an electron microscope. It's incredible. It really is. It's a whole city.


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