How to Draw the Beach

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When drawing the beach, determine where the horizon line is, create a diagonal shoreline, and add beach umbrellas and waves to finish it off. Shade the ocean water to look like waves with art instructions from a professional artist in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hello there I am Ralph Papa from, and today we are learning how to draw. In this clip I am going to show you how to draw the beach. I am going to start off with a line up about this high which would be the horizon line, which is where the ocean would meet the sky. And I am going to give it a little perspective so we are not looking directly out of the ocean. I'm going to bring a line down like this, and that is going to be the shore line. Alright, and if I taper these lines out from here we are going to suggest some waves that are way out there on the horizon just like this, and I am going to make them a little further apart as I come down this way. So that the further they come down the further apart they are, and it gives the feeling of the waves in the distance. Here is the shore line, and sometimes we have right at the shore line where the water seeps into the sand it gets a little darker, the sand there. And over here some texture for the sand. And we are going to put a beach umbrella right over here. So right in the foreground suggest a beach umbrella. We might even suggest a couple of people sitting here on the beach out there on a blanket like that. And in the foreground here we can put in some beach grass on the foreground. Maybe even some rocks by the shore here, and we will put a couple of clouds in the sky way down here on the horizon. You know small ones, but as it gets higher up we are going to put some larger clouds in the sky as we get up a little higher. We can give the water a little tone, because that blue water shows up darker than the sand would so we can give that just a suggestion of the waves here you know of breaking in the foreground like that. And we can even put a person in out here swimming, and maybe another person here swimming or standing up in the water. And there we have a beach scene. This has been Ralph Papa, and thank you for watching.


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