How to Display Items in a China Cabinet

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Display big solid-colored items in a China cabinet to create a interesting look that makes the eye wander. Use a China cabinet as an organizational piece to display beautiful items with tips from a professional decorator in this free video on home decorating.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to arrange your China cabinet. Now one thing that I am big on is not putting glass, sorry, with glass. This has a glass door and when I see China cabinets that only have, many many times what people will do is people will not add weight. Glasses, clear glasses do not have any weight with them so if you put glass in your china cabinet you are not creating weight, you are not creating interest. What I like to do with my China cabinets or the ones that have glass is I like to put solid colors interesting pieces, bigger pieces, in it to create interest and to give color. I have a collection of McCoy and what I did on this one, you'll see that I can barely see it but there is an old mirror up here that reflects the yellow back into it and then what I did is I grouped like colors. When you have a collection that has a lot of different colors to it you want your eye to be able to move over it smoothly and if you had a yellow one and a white one and a green one and a yellow one you would be really choppy and so what I did in this is I grouped, I put all the colors in it but I grouped them together so as you are looking at it you see the yellow and your eye goes all the way across and you see the white and you see the greens and blues. You can put books and really put antique books and a few bigger pieces. I don't like to put a lot of little things in China cabinets. You can use a China cabinet as an organizational piece but just play with it and make it look interesting. This one a lot of times I'll leave the door open and then I'll hang a picture or I'll hang something on the door but then also you can shut it and when you shut it you see all the pieces without seeing just clear glass. This is Ann Myrick and those are ways to work with your China cabinet.


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