How to Find a Wall Stud

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To find a wall stud, purchase an electronic stud finder from a local hardware store and press the button until the green light indicates the correct location. Find a wall stud with tips from an experienced handyman in this free video on home remodeling supplies.

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Video Transcript

Nigel Gregory with Blue Griffin Handyman. Today I'm going to show you how to find a wall stud inside your walls. Typically walls are built with 16 inch centers between each side so what that means is that there is a board and if you were to measure in between the middle of that stud to the next stud is should equal 16 inches. So the first thing to do when you want to find the stud in a wall is you want to get the tool at the hardware store that is usually some kind of stud finder, an electronic one and you hold it up against the wall and you press the button and it has a green light. That usually means that there is no stud there but you move it along the wall and when it beeps and the red light is at the top that is where the edge of a stud is, just the edge. So you take a pencil and you want to mark right there so you know that that is the outside edge and then you want to come if you need it. You may not need this but if you want to you can come to the other side and do the other side as well until you find the other side of the stud and that is about the size of a 1 and 1/2 inch stud. It's a little larger on the drawing here but that gives you the general area of where it is. Now if you still can't find it using that method and you have some spackle available with you go ahead and take a finishing nail, a small nail and drive it in to the wall and if it goes in easily and you can pull it out fairly easily then there is no stud there. But as you keep going along the wall and if it goes in and you can't pull it out and it feels like it hits something then you've got a stud there. So that's just two ways that you can find a stud in the wall.


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