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When measuring wood, be precise, and use a tape measure to mark the dimensions and cutting line of the wood piece. Measure wood effectively with tips from an experienced handyman in this free video on home remodeling supplies.

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Video Transcript

Hi, you're here with Nigel Gregory of Blue Griffin Handyman. I'm going to show you how to measure wood today. First you'll need a tape measure and a pencil, carpenter's pencil, and of course the piece of wood you're going to be working with. Now, depending on the projects, you may want to make it very precise, or it may not matter in terms of like framing or something. But, basically, what you want to do is take out your tape measure and it has indicated the units of measure in inches and then, of course, the fractions. So, let's say you wanted 12 inches or one foot. You find 12 inches, or one foot on here, and you mark it, usually with the tip of an arrow, like so. Now, if you want it to be more precise, which I usually like to do, you want to use a carpenter's angle. I like to take this tool and measure on 12 inches. And what you do is you take your pencil and you put it on 12 and then you move the carpenter's angle so that it touches the tip of the pencil, then you can move and make the line. Always measure twice just to make sure that you're being accurate. That should do it. Sometimes I like to use a pen that has a finer point. You can get a really nice line on that, really precise. But you usually don't need to use that unless you're doing like cabinetry or something. But, just a pencil and a tape measure will usually do it for most projects.


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