Cleaning Laminate Flooring

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Cleaning laminate flooring can be done in a variety of ways, including with a vacuum cleaner, with vinegar and water or with Windex and water. Dry up freshly cleaned laminate flooring to avoid warp with cleaning tips from the owner of a housekeeping service in this free video on cleaning floors.

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Video Transcript

You've got beautiful laminate floors, and you know - you're not really sure how to keep them clean, I'm Cyn Deer, I'm with 3's Company Too and I'm going to give you a couple ideas of how to keep them clean. Or how to clean them. You can use your vacuum, but make sure you use the bare wood setting. You can dust mop them, and you want to do that fairly frequently. When you want to do a full cleaning you can use vinegar and water. You can use glass cleaner with water. But just plain water works also. And you would use a mop and just mop them well and then if you've got the time you do want to dry them 'cause you don't want to leave any extra excess liquids on your laminate floor. So you would use your say this is a sponge mop, you would clean it, and then you want to make sure it's dry because if you leave that liquid on it gets into the grooves and it will make the wood expand. So you want to make sure that you keep it dry and in between cleanings always immediately clean up any spills that land on the floor, especially when they're liquid ones, so, keep it nice and clean and it will last you a lifetime. I'm Cyn Deer, and this was to clean your laminate floors, and have a great day.


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