How to Change a Radiator

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When changing a car radiator, make sure the car is cool and drain the radiator before removing it. Use a pair of plier to remove radiator hoses when changing radiators with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car maintenance and repairs.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe certified master mechanic out of Reading, Pennsylvania. Today we are going to talk briefly about how to change your radiator. First step you want to do is make sure the engine is nice and cool. Not hot at all you don't want to get anything on here and burn yourself. Good thing to do is put your hand on top of the radiator cap make sure it's not hot. You take it off, set this somewhere you are not going to lose it. Crawl underneath your vehicle and find out where your drain valve is. Go ahead and open that up and drain it into a nice container, where you are not going to spill it. Each vehicle is a little different so, actually each vehicle is a lot different so I'd just explain to you briefly and simply how to change your radiator cause like I said very vehicle is different. This fan shroud right here has to be removed. A couple of clips, a couple of bolts depending on what kind of vehicle you have. If you are not real sure grab a repair manual at your local auto parts store to break it down step by step. Move this back out of your way. Remove your hose clamps from the top hose and your bottom hose. Real simple, mostly use a pair of pliers. And once you get this back out of the way you will be able to see your retainers whether the clips are bolts or screws holding this radiator in. You take them out, real simple just lift it up out of the way. Drop your new one in, reverse process, put your nuts in, your bolts, screws in your radiator bring your shroud back up over, secure that, put your hoses back on. Fill your radiator back up, start it, run till it gets nice and warmed up make sure your radiator is still full. Put your cap back on and away you go.


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