How to Do the Put a Dollar in an Orange Magic Trick

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Confuse friends by performing the put a dollar in an orange magic trick. Find out how to do the put a dollar in an orange magic trick with expert tips from a professional magician in this free magic trick video.

Part of the Video Series: Basic Magic Tricks
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm magician Paul Weatherbee, and I'm going to show you a magic trick. I'm going to need to borrow a dollar from a spectator. Sir, could you please come on up with your dollar? There it is, very good. Ah, yes. I'm going to write down the serial number of that dollar, because as you know, each dollar has a separate serial number. That's the way they can be identified later. Okay, I'd like you to take your dollar bill and roll it up, if you would. Just roll it right up and place it into my left hand. Roll it right up tight. Very good. Right there. You can see it there? Okay, I'm going to take your dollar bill. I'm going to cover it up with this handkerchief, and better yet, what we'll do is, grab it right by the top here. Can you feel it in there? Can you hold it? You got a hold of it? Okay, very good. Now, I've got a magic...magic knife right here, New York style credit card. We'll tap once here, and tap once here. When I count to three, let go. Are you ready? One, two, three, and the dollar is gone! Where could it be, you might ask. Well, we have an orange right here. Just take a look at this. Cut that right around there like that. There is the dollar in the orange. Here is the serial number. Take the dollar out of the orange and make sure that the serial number matches. Does it match? (Yes, it does.) There you have it! Now, I'm going to tell you how this trick is done. First you get an orange, and you cut the end off the orange. You stick a pencil in the orange, and then you roll up a dollar bill. Before you roll it up, write down the serial number. And then you stick it into the orange, and put the little knob back on. In the cloth, I have a piece of rolled up paper sewn in the hem. That way, when the person is holding it, they think it's really the dollar. So, when I write down the serial number of their dollar, I've already written this down, and I just act like I'm writing this down. So, they give me the dollar in my hand. I take their dollar as I'm reaching for the knife, and put it in my pocket, then give them this wadded up piece of paper to hold. And then the rest is just cutting open the orange to reveal the dollar. Have fun, and keep the magic in your life.


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