How to Replace a Sink Drain

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Replacing a sink drain is a two-person procedure, as someone is needed to hold the stopper in place. Replace a sink drain with tips from a certified HVAC tech and plumber in this free video on plumbing repairs.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm James with JNC Home Repair. Today I'm going to show you how to replace a sink drain. O.k. this is a Pop Up assembly here, the basic sink drain for a bathroom, lavatory sink. O.k., this is basically what it look like while it's installed o.k. We don't have a lot of room here underneath this sink but I'm going to demonstrate on how, how this thing operates, o.k. Basically what this is right here is, this is your "ballcock assembly" it goes up and down, you can see that the stopper is going up and down, every time I go up and down it's just like that. When you pull the knob this thing closes. O.k., to, to remove this what you're going to need to do is, there's a little compression nut right here, you actually remove that just like so, and the ballcock assembly comes out. O.k.? You can see it's just a little ball on a rod that just pivots in there that's what makes it work. O.k., once you have that out your little stopper will come right out of the drain assembly, just like so. O.k., once you've got that out of the way, this is going to be basically underneath your sink, that's what it's going to look like, that's what's left. O.k., you're actually going to remove, you're going to loosen this nut right here , o.k., now usually this is a two man procedure because you're going to need another guy up on top to actually hold the, the, the sink stopper right here. O.k.? This actually screws in to the drain assembly. O.k., so when you take this loose, that's, this is actually going to go in through the bottom of the sink. Just like so, and you're going to take this part right here, put it in through the top of your sink, screw it on just like so, and somebody from up top is going to have to hold this in place while you screw this part in. O.k., once you get this part in as tight as it's going to go, then you run your other nut up right here, and this rubber seal right here is going to be on the bottom part of your sink. O.k.? So when you tighten this up, it's going to give it a good seal right around here, and it's going, it's going to mount up flush to the bottom of the sink, to give you, where you don't, when you're running water you don't have water coming out of the bottom of your sink. O.k.? Once you've got that installed there, don't forget also here when you putting this part in, right here before you put this part in the sink, you're going to need to use some Plumber's Putty and just work a little bitty bead of it all the way around the base of your sink before you screw it in, and it'll, and that way you'll eliminate any kind of leakage coming through the bottom of the sink. Once you've got that back in place, you just take your ballcock assembly, take your stopper, you can see the little hole right here, that's what this little part of the ballcock assembly goes in right there. That's what allows it to go up and down. O.k., so you just drop that down in to place, make sure that hole lines up with this part right here, drop it down in there, just like so. Put your ballcock assembly back in just like this, tighten, tighten your nut back up, just like so, and you can see how it operates. O.k.? Once you've got that back in, you connect, pull this little clip off, this is your adjustment for your stopper, o.k., when you actually operate, when you actually operate your faucet right here, when you pull up on your stopper, what this is doing is that's mounted, it's just a little pin that goes straight down through your sink and it's mounted into this little bitty hole, o.k., and it's actually going to be just like that. Whenever you pull up on the stopper, it's going to pull up on this, it's going to pull up on the ballcock assembly and push the drain in. O.k., when you push it back down, you can see that it opens up the stopper. O.k.? That's how that works, it just, up and down, up and down. O.k.? If you've got any more questions about this topic, you can contact me at:


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