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Superhero characteristic drawings typically include strong physical features, strong physiques and heroic poses. Sketch a superhero with tips from a professional cartoonist and illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Okay folks, in this clip I'm going to teach you how to draw a superhero. And the key to drawing superheros is to know basically the type of character that you're drawing. You're drawing essentially what is, you know, become known in fiction as a god like heroic character. And there are traits that you give to these god like heroic characters that really help sell the fact that they are not your average human beings. One thing, they're very strong, most of the times, at least relatively speaking, they're very strong physical features, they have, in a sense the perfect bodies. So when you go in to sketch them, or to draw them, keep that in mind, that you're drawing essentially a person that is not your average everyday human being, and just kind of keep that in mind as you draw the frame. Now the frame of the average superhero, let me go back to sort of the ancient, the old school style superheros especially, they're very, not just the type of body that they have, which obviously you're going to want to draw a character that has got a very impressively fit body, it's also the pose that you create for them too, sort of a heroic pose as well, it's equally important when creating superhero. You want to emphasize their best physical traits, the different body definitions, and give them a pose that's really going to cause them to stand out. Like if for example, one heroic pose, especially if you're going to be drawing a character that can fly, I'm going to show you that pose right now, it's all in the arms really, this pose, strong powerful stance and the hand balled up into a fist. And you'll do both arms, less this way. Make sure you clearly define the muscles as you kind of come down, and the very end, as you draw the thumb, and the clenched fist hand, you draw it really clearly defined, just like that. And often times they'll have some sort of gloves or, I don't know, whatever their costume is. But obviously, if you're creating your own superhero, you're going to come up with your own costume. So as you work your way down, just make sure again, that you clearly, clearly define there bodies, and make sure that they are impressive as you can make them. And if you are creating a character that can fly, here's a good fine pose for you, one knee up, one leg down, and we're going to do a little force perspective here. His leg will seemingly get smaller, as it kind of goes into the distance there, but really it is just a force perspective. And force perspective are everything, especially in the comic book world. Kind of get to know your poses, basically is what I'm trying to say, figure out how to draw the human body, and to really call attention to the specific muscles and body parts that you want to call attention to. And if you're going to create a fun pose, like say this one, where the persons leg is kind of coming behind their knee like that, make sure you clearly define it so that everyone understands what it is you're trying to do. I often times do not recommend when you're drawing superheros, using a permanent pen, especially not at the beginning, and if you're just kind of starting out, just learning, but for the sake of visual demonstration, I'm going to use the black pen here, because obviously you can see it much clearer, and it's easier to define the drawing this way, instead of going over it with a pencil. If you were creating a superhero from scratch, which is essentially what I am doing, you'd probably want to use a pencil to design your early sketches. But yes, once you've got- basically the whole idea of drawing superheros is all in the pose, and in the body type and the form. So what I'm doing here is, I'm going over the details that I have already, and I'm really making sure that everything is very impressive and essentially perfect. And once you've figured out how to draw the perfect human body, and the perfect heroic pose, you are well on your way, my friend, to being a professional superhero, graphic novel, artist. So get the pose down, understand the way the human body is meant to look under a certain physical circumstances, and you are well on your way.


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