How to Draw Bubbles

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Bubbles are drawn as different sized circles and details, such as drawing reflections on the bubbles. Sketch bubbles with tips from a professional cartoonist and illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Okay folks, in this clip I'm going to teach you, how to draw bubbles. Now they're relatively simple, which I'm sure you would think they are, but they're different ways you can do it to make them look even more believable. So obviously bubbles are very good, if you want to practice drawing circles. And when you're drawing bubbles, it's a good idea to draw many, many different sizes. And really use, if you have to draw bubbles for whatever reason, really use this as a time to perfect your circle drawing ability, maybe even overlap a few. And you can kind of go like that, like that, draw some bigger bubbles. Bubbles will almost always be perfect circles. And after a while, after you draw circles upon circles, upon circles, it really starts to become easy. So, at this point I would say, we got a pretty good start on the circle drawing. So I draw many, many different types of circles, different shapes, sizes. And once you've done that, once you've kind of gotten to the point where you're really comfortable with the circle part of drawing that, we're going to start to add some details to the bubbles that help sell them. And the most obvious way that we do this is, we draw the reflection on the bubbles. Now there are a couple of ways you can do this, but my favorite and most obvious way, is to lightly go in with your pen, and kind of draw a little mini reflection, just lightly. You'll notice that the outer line for the bubble is much more solid, the inner stuff is very, very light. I mean if you have to draw a little bit more detail, that's fine. But really just lightly go in there and add sort of a, looks like almost like a little door with a circle above it. Or, I mean, you can really do it any way that you want to, I mean, you can just add a little, what would look like I suppose a little surfboard, right in there, just to create the look of a reflective light. Now the only downside of this is, obviously if you do it on one bubble, you're going to have to do it on almost all of them, otherwise it will kill the reality. So make sure you just get in there, and really kind of lightly give the bubbles some reflection. And for the bigger bubbles, you can even add a little bit more dimension to them. Like the one way to look at it, if there were a reflective light is hitting this side of the bubbles, hitting the right side, it might make sense to kind of make the left side a little bit darker. And if you're using a pencil or pen, you just kind of lightly brush it in, like that. It helps basically to make the bubbles look 3 dimensional, which is obviously what you want to do, anything you can do to make the bubbles look more interesting is probably a good thing. And at the end of the day, you should have a collection, of relatively believable looking bubbles. So, there you go.


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