How to Draw a Puppy

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To draw a puppy, be sure to sketch out large weepy eyes, raised eyebrows and a large nose to create an innocent but mischievous expression. Sketch out a cartoon puppy with art instructions from a professional cartoonist and illustrator in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Alright, in this clip we're going to learn how to draw a puppy, cartoon puppy. So, we'll start right up here with the eyes. Give him some nice, big puppy dog eyes. And, one thing about dogs, they do have that sort of, that innocent, you know, how could I possibly do anything wrong, and how can you stay mad at me look. So, we'll kind of give him that look to start cause he is a puppy after all. Chances are, he's going to get into some trouble. You emphasize that by giving him eyebrows that kind of accentuate that look. Now, we'll draw the top of his head there, little tuft of fur, and the ears coming up right out of there, floppy ones, that hangover. Don't make them too big or he'll look like a bunny rabbit. Now, we'll come down the side here, and one thing we'll do right away just to establish this, we'll draw the nose, have a big old nose right down there. And, he's going to be, even though he has that sort of innocent look, he's going to have like, kind of a big grin on his face. Alright, so now, maybe we'll draw his tongue hanging out the side, just like that, or something. So, now we've got sort of a goofy little cartoon puppy face there. Come down here and we'll put some feet on him. Now again, this is not going to be necessarily diametrically correct, because it's a cartoon after all. Cartoons are supposed to be a little bit more stylized. Just kind of draw all of his legs just kind of coming out the side, just like that. And, it's supposed to look like he's just squatting there like waiting for his master to pet him, or throw him something, or yea. And, obviously, you can take this and alter this anyway you want to, but basically, there you have your adorable, little cartoon puppy.


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