What Equipment is Needed to Make a Movie?

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The basic equipment that is needed to make a movie is a high-definition camera, high-quality microphones and sound systems, good lighting quality, and movie editing software. Create a movie from scratch using these tools with helpful tips from an independent filmmaker in this free video on film.

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Video Transcript

Alright in this clip we are going to talk about the equipment that is needed to make a movie. A big budget production has way too many pieces of equipment to begin to name, but the meat and potatoes is going to be the same no matter if you are shooting a big budget Hollywood Blockbuster or your own small little Indie production that is funded out of your own little personal piggy bank. A camera, first and foremost, you need a good quality camera, most people these days are shooting on high definition, that is a good route to go I personally recommend any cameras made by Canon or Sony. They are typically really really good cameras. You need a good solid way to record sound high quality microphones and ways to capture the audio. This will be the piece of equipment that literally makes or breaks a film most people think that cameras are the most important part and lets face it they are incredibly important without the cameras there is no images therefore no movie but the different between an amateur production and a professional production is all in the sound, 'cause the human ear whether they are professional audio engineers or not can spot amateur sound almost immediately. It is not a stylistic thing even movies that look visually weird and stylistically chaotic have high quality sound so purchasing a good quality shotgun microphone, that is a key to making a movie. Lights another big important piece of the puzzle that a lot of people take for granted. Some people use just natural lighting which is fine if that is the look you are going for but producing a quality light kit with a key light, fill lights, and every other little light in-between is incredibly important as well. And just crafting the look and tone of the scene, a lot of people will realize once they get into film production that these sources of light are incredibly important in shaping many many factors of you know the what we see on the frame itself and finally computers. You need a solid, decent, reliable computer to edit your film on most people these days edit on a Final Cut Pro, that is the you know standard in at least home movie editing. And it is very very reliable software platform. So again sum up, cameras, microphones, lights, editing software. You have these four things plus you know a good story, some talented performers, you are well on your way to making your very own movie.


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