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The song structure for rap songs generally includes a hook that is less than eight bars and a verse that is less than 16 bars. Loop back to the hook of a rap song at least twice with tips from a hip-hop artist in this free video on rap music.

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Video Transcript

OK. There's something you got to be very careful on. Learning your song structure. You got to be very careful on this. You don't want to write a song, you got people out here that just make beats, that make just rap, but to make a good song, you got to write the right bars. The proper bars, the producer got to make the proper timing on the track. You got to remember that. So what I mean by bars is, remember music is measures, music is math. It's the same thing. So in the industry, industry standard, eight bars. That's eight bars, a eight count. You can go, don't go, never go past sixteen bars. I mean when you go past that and just get to rapping and rapping, remember the whole thing of a song is the hook. So get the people hooked. Get the people closest to the hook as possible. Get them on, get them on to the hook. You know. That's what the people are listening for, the hook. And then they learn your verses. Try to make your verses as short as possible, get them to the hook. Remember that. It's counting the bars. It's like a timing. One, two, three. One. That's one bar. One, two, three. Two. That's two bars. Just like that. You going by the bars. And try to again, stick in the zone of less than sixteen bars. You shouldn't be writing, a radio, a radio version of a song is three to four, three minutes and fourteen seconds. So if you're writing a song that's past that, it's too long. They going to put it on the radio anyway. So try to keep your song as short as possible. OK. Here's a verse from one of my songs. It's called Signature. You want to come in. All I can seem to remember, while eating dinner, who sent assessing my mama, be honest, you think we shine us ,we find us a pot of gold, oh no cause deep in your soul you must be happy with self health, no what to make you surer than God. Is this all we get in life out the side quick not to listen, the wishing the more you getting with law. Fathers and mothers was missing. Bam! That's the verse. That's a good verse, you know, to get onto the hook. You get to the hook, it's for my Signature. Bam! Hey! Yeah. Come on. Come on. Yeah. It's for my Signature You're giving them a four bar, a four bar to a eight bar hook. Hooks shouldn't definitely be past eight bars. You looping it around twice, some people go around four times, four times around. But you don't want to go too far on a hook. Remember that's the structure of a song. You got to structure a song proper, properly. When you get in front of a professional, they'll know. That's something I learned too. They'll know how long you've been in the game. How long you been rapping or producing by the way you structure your music. So you got to remember that.


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