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Become a better rapper by focusing on the style of the rhymes, using an eight-bar hook, structuring songs and keeping verses to less than 16 bars. Write commercial rap songs to get more radio play with advice from a hip-hop artist in this free video on rap music.

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Okay, this segment, this particular segment is based on how to rap better. How to rap better, I could say, you know, with your words, your rhyming words and everything like that, you gotta, is more of really styling 'em. Styling your words, stretching your lyrics out, and making a song, basing your music on a song. That's how you become a better hip-hop artist. You want to have a 'hook-down' pack, you know, on the eight bar hook, or so. You know, writing the words, writing your things within a hook. Like it is here. You want to look, make sure your hook is wrote out right. Everything. The songs, your song is based on a hook. Remember that. When you start a song off, you want to make everything go around the hook. Your verses is after the hook. Your verses will be easier by going off of the hook. You'll have a bridge, some songs have a bridge, some don't. But that's what makes you better on...makes a hip-hop artist better on structuring your song. You gotta structure the song, and that's what makes it better. You make a song, a full song, on might have three verses, two verses, a bridge, and a hook. And the hooks. Or you may have one...two verses, and whatever, visa versa. You know. It's gotta structure your song, and that's what makes a hip-hop artist better. An example of that would be making an eight bar hook. "Music is made for us, music is made for us. I love it when we're moving together." You know, that' go around again with that. Then you go to the verse, that's the hook. Then you go to a verse. "Now that you feel like you know me closer than ever's the breath of loves...I'm back in this dirty job, recycling garbage. Ah, I'm bearing, I'm staying alive, and that's when whoever Mama was listenin'". You know, that' go into your verse, a eight bar, eight to twelve bars. It can go no further, shouldn't go no further than sixteen bars. You're rapping a verse out, all the way, bam! And you gettin' back to the hook. "Music is"...back to that hook. So it depends on how many bars you want to write, but, a standard song is, three minutes. No longer than three minutes and a half, so you want to keep it into that. You know, that's what I say. Keep your bars longer than sixteen bars. Your verses no longer than sixteen bars. Your hook, eight bars. And that kind of keeps you in that zone of a short song. 'Cause remember, you want to try to make your songs...make radio songs, radio play. You want to try to do that. And that's another thing within, you know, how to get better. You've gotta have commercial type music. If you want to be heard more, it's good. You want to have music that everybody can listen to. And radio, you know, for the radio. You don't want to just have music for one particular, you know, for the street or whatever like that. Try to reach out and touch everybody. That's a smart artist, you know. That's a good....that's how to become a good artist, is, strategic. That's being strategic around you. Once you get to know who you are, and you have the structure, you want to touch more people. Jay-Z, perfect example, wonderful for that, on that. He came from the streets, but he just started writing his music more cleaner. Clean music. So to where the radio can play it and more people can hear it. So that's a perfect example. And that's how you start to rap better, right there.


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