Basics of Beatboxing

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Beatboxing is basically making the sounds that come from a kick drum, snare drum and other percussion instruments with the mouth. Listen to the percussion of a song and try to imitate it with your mouth in order to learn how to beatbox with instructions from a hip-hop artist in this free video on rap music.

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Video Transcript

O.k., this segment is on the basics of Beatboxing. First of all, I'm going to let you know, where Beatboxing started. You know, Doug E. Fresh is one of the first guys you know, to come with Beatboxing. Fat Boys you know, back in the days, they come from New York. You know, New York city. So those guys. You know, Beatboxing is basically, you're doing music out of your mouth, you know. You're, like a Kick drum from a song, the Snares, Percussions and everything like that. Beatboxing uses those sounds from a song from music. And imitates it out of their mouth. Most of the, you know, guys back in the days didn't have the money to, to make the sounds. Like, get keyboards and things like that. So they made sounds out of their mouth. Like with a Snare, Snare is the sound out of a track, the music. It's like that. So they're making that sound there, out of their mouth. As close as this sound, the closer they want to get. The closest to this sound, out of their mouth, as possible. So it's, see, so that's what you want to try to get as close, out of your mouth. Do a sound to that Snare, as possible. And that's what a Beat Boxer does, you know. Kick drums, you know, that's more of a Kick. So you want it to come out of your mouth with, a punch, punch Kick. You blame Buffet Ozan, so you want to do it our of your mouth, like. Once you put those together, it's like. See that's more, that'll be like, more like the verse part of a song. Then when you get it to the hook, you'll be. That's the basics of Beatboxing.


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