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Rapping requires learning how to rhyme words, practicing until bigger and bigger words can be rhymed together, finding a producer to help create beats, and listening to other hip-hop artists for inspiration. Avoid letting outsiders listen to a rap before it is done with advice from a hip-hop artist in this free video on rap music.

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Video Transcript

This segment is on the basics of how to rap. Rhyming words, with the nursery rhymes, it's all started from that. Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat, bat, that, cat. You know what I'm sayin'. Red, dead, all of that, that's what rhyming is. And you just get the lyrics and get your rhyming words bigger, and it gets better and better. That's all it is. You're rhyming bigger words, that's what a good rapper is, a good rapper is rhyming more words that's bigger together. Okay, the way I started, folks, was listening to other music, other rappers, you know. Producers and things like that, and, it helped me out, that, you know, you're gonna...everybody have somebody else in them. Remember that. Everybody have somebody else in them, or who they listen to, and that's how they got that style, kind of a mixture of that style, within who they are. So, you know me, I Iike artists like Rakim, L.L. Cool J, you know, and I listen to their kind of music. So I said 'Man, I wanna, you know, I like that style.' You know, and the beats, the tracks and things like that. So, I kind of rhymed with the patterns of what they was doing, you know. And I stuck around that range. I'm like 'I like this kind of rapper, he raps about something real, he rap about what's real.' Strong lyrics, a strong voice. So when you hear Gel out here, you'll kind of hear that same thing in Gel, you know, strong lyrics and rapping about real things. You know. Listen to music, you know, with a nice beat, a nice pattern. And I started by free-styling. Free-styling some of my raps to a beat that somebody else was on. Even with their vocals on 'em. It just was me trailing that track, bam! Trailing a pattern, and listening to that music. And that's kind of how I started, how I began. And then I started writing my own lyrics, you know, my own lyrics to instrumental beats, nothing on 'em. That, and then, you know, it started getting better and better. It started getting better and better. So, you know, and then I got a chance to show my style off, to my friends, my family. You know. I did that first before I let anybody on the outside hear it. Remember that. Never let nobody that's outside of your circle hear your material before it's done, because that's where the criticism come from. It kind of kills your spirit. So, it's like, like just getting started. When you're just getting started it's like you're finding yourself. Kind of finding yourself on what...who you are first. You gotta do that, you know, learn how to rhyme the words together. You know. Again, it goes with what kind of rapper you want to be, what kind of rapper you are. So, you know, it's like, once you get that down, then you'll get better on the other things. You know, rhyming, first you're learning how want to learn the structure of who you are, and then it gets bigger and better. You know. You're able to have a word play, you know, a style to the way you rap. That's when you get in to like, a Snoop tone, Snoop Doggy type. He's a con rapper, and got some harmony to his voice.


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