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To begin a rap career, find a manager, play lots of gigs to get exposure, and try to sign with a record label that will back your rap or hip-hop career. Make sure to check the history of a music label before signing any contracts with tips from a hip-hop artist in this free video on rap music.

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This segment is about how to start your rap career. You gotta be very, very smart with this one. Very strategic at this, here, you know, because one thing you need, management. You need a management team or a manager that believes in you, to help you get around. You know, it starts off, first, starts off first with you trusting in yourself, you know. And you getting a good manager behind you, finding you gigs, you know. Getting you in things. Helping you to get exposure. You have to get exposure. And that, pretty much, with me, I started with family, you know, and I learned a lot of things from them. And, I graduated, you know, up. So I got a manager, you know, and then I let my manager handle a lot of things. That's what a manager's position is, so, in case you don't know....if you all don't know what a manager's position is, they're position is to get you in as many as things as possible. Get the artist as much exposure as possible. So, shows, things like that. Magazines. TV. So they should be trying to get you with a record label. A record label will finish it...they'll help the manager as far as marketing you, and everything like that. Paying for things to get you out here, you know. That's...that'll be your next step, after a manager. Some people get with record labels before they get a manager. It's different. But, getting with a record label is your main focus. That's your main focus, is either you work to get with a record label, or you create your own. You start your own company up. That sometimes, you gotta....that's again, going with the business, learning the business of music, you'll have to know the business of music. 'Cause you don't want to be out here mentioning a name that is...that's nothing. It cause a lot of drama and trouble. So you wanna, you know, if you don't feel that it's time for you to start a record label, get with another label that's beneficial for you. That's a good label. You want to get with a company that you kind of can check the history on. You check the history, have they been....if they artists, the promotions on 'em. Seeing if the artists that they have under their roster, they been coming out right, as right as the schedule time, when they supposed to. That's how you know if you're getting with a good company or not, and not just signing with a record label.


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