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Write rap lyrics by writing with the music and beat in mind, and trying to focus lyrics on real life experiences and feelings. Believe in yourself, and stick with your own experiences when writing rap lyrics by using advice from a hip-hop artist in this free video on rap music.

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Video Transcript

OK, one thing about writing rap lyrics is, I used to write what I say in the air, I used to write in the air back in the days like when I'd be at work or something like that, I'd write on paper or I'd keep the song stored in my mind, but I came to find out, writing like that, you're not to the pattern of a beat, you're not matched to the pattern of a beat. Remember, you're not listening to a track, so you're always going to have to change up something if you're not writing your lyrics to a track. So that's something I learned, so that's why I started writing my lyrics to a track, to music, to, to a beat, so that way you're staying on pattern, and you rhyme, you rhyme. Writing lyrics is all about writing words, writing lyrics from your own life experiences. Rapper's is different, it depends on what you want to come out as. One thing again, it goes with what I was saying to you guys earlier, stick with who you are, stick with who you are. Believe in yourself. A lot of rapper's out here started rapping on the real, you know, on their life experiences. A lot of rapper's talk about jewelry, clothes, cars, things like that. So, stick with, it's better, one thing I found out, music is a part of life, music is definitely a part of life, so me, jail, you've got to remember, writing what's real, people feel that more, you know, people feel that more. Writing what's real, you know, is better than just writing something that don't last, to me, it don't. So, music lasts if you're talking about life situations, situations and, everybody been, there's something in somebody's life that another person's experienced, so that's what makes them love a song, you know.


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