How Does an Airbrush Work?

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An airbrush works by pushing paint out of a mechanical device using air, which comes from a CO2 compressor. Understand the anatomy of an airbrush gun with instructions from an experienced airbrush artist in this free video on painting techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mark Chandler from Mark's Custom Airbrush, here in St. Petersburg, and today we're going to discuss how an airbrush works. An airbrush is actually a small spray gun that is hooked to a air source such as this. I've got a compressor here filled with CO2 gas with a regulator on it. And what the airbrush does is you push down for air and you pull back for fluid. This gun happens to be a siphon feed gun which actually siphons from the bottom and creates a vacuum inside the air cap here that atomizes the paint like a small spray gun. I'll give you a quick demonstration. You push down for your air and you pull back for fluid. As you can see, the gun does spray and does atomize your paint. Certain guns require certain paints to be ran through them, but this particular gun is good as far as like acrylic enamels, and lacquers, and so forth. I'm Mark Chandler from Mark's Custom Airbrush in St. Pete, and that is the fundamentals of the airbrush, and how an airbrush works.


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