How to Mix Airbrush Paint

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Mixing airbrush paint is usually not necessary, as there are many premixed paints in a variety of colors, but paint colors can be layered on top of one another in a painting to create depth. Mix and layer airbrush paint with instructions from an experienced airbrush artist in this free video on painting techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hello I'm Mark Chandler with Mark's Custom Airbrush in St. Petersburg, Florida and today we're going to discuss mixing colors for airbrush and mixing paints. A lot of the different paints that are out on the market are basically premixed to where they are ready to spray out of your gun but in the event that you do need to mix colors to create what you need to get for a particular color the best thing to do is buy some of the ready mixed colors and just kind of experiment with the hues and the different colors of what you are going to need. Now I happen to use Createx which is a very reliable brand of paint to use and like I said it is readily available in most of your hobby stores and art supply stores. Now in the events that you do want to create certain colors obviously the color spectrum there are certain things and there are only seven major colors that are used today to mix paint. For instance if we want to mix to an orange we mix red and yellow to mix orange. That is just one of the fundamentals of the color spectrum that we are going to use. Also if you need to make a brown you can mix red and green to make brown and if you want to mix maroons or any purples or anything like that it is usually red with a purple will make maroon or burgundy. That is some of the fundamental tips on mixing paint for today. I'm Mark Chandler with Mark's Custom Airbrush and happy airbrushing.


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