How to Draw Bamboo

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Bamboo can be drawn by creating a few tall, straight stalks, adding a bit of texture to the shape, drawing in horizontal lines to represent each segment and adding a bit of bamboo foliage at the top. Draw a few bamboo plants with instructions from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, I'm Bill Connolly your cartoonist and artist extraordinaire, and how do you draw bamboo? We had our next door neighbor that had this Japanese bamboo that just went straight up and this stuff grew in a day, just feet and feet. And it's basically just tubes and then you can go in and make, I'll make the tubes here. Really amazing plants, when you think about it. And then once they started growing it was all over. There was just hundreds and hundreds of bamboo plants and they got those kind of like you could take them apart and use them as pea shooters, that type of thing. I'll just make some grass down here that it's growing out of. But as you add the dividers, for each little section there it starts to come together. And you don't have to make them exactly even but the basic shape is there. And then color would be maybe a faded kind of a light very light beige, yellowish green, different variations of color there with a weed next to it. But they kind of go up in to the sky so I don't think our page can hold the entire bamboo. That's the basic design of the bamboo plant. So practice doing that, then look up some photos on line if that'll help you too, to draw bamboo. I'm Bill Connolly your artist and cartoonist extraordinaire, and thanks for watching.


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