How to Draw a Still Life

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The art to drawing a still life is to create an interesting composition with fruit, bowls and objects before rendering them in pencil. Draw a still life that keeps the eye moving across the page with instructions from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Bill Connolly, your artist and cartoonist extraordinaire. The lesson is how to draw still life and you basically want to arrange it with a good composition. If you have an apple and a banana in a bowl and grapes you'll be drawing from an actual live, draw something over here, actual live fruit in a bowl and so you have the freedom to arrange it any way you want to and so you want to arrange it in a way that is pleasing to the eye according to a dynamic perspective and all the laws of the visual arts, draw it in here, your banana comes here and laying it out is really a large part of it because if you draw a beautiful realistic picture and it is not, put an orange back there, and it is not laid out right it kind of defeats the purpose of drawing it and planning it out right. Make it look natural as far as your layout is concerned, not all square and unnatural looking and your color of course will shine in lighting and bring the shadow over here. That's just to show the layout of a still life. A shine would go up here and your coloring of the apple will bring out the roundness, so that you actually, you want to get the goal is to reach into the picture and actually feel like you can take a bite out of a big juicy apple instead of just looking like a flat apple there. So that is the basics on how to draw a still life. I'm Bill Connolly, your artist and cartoonist extraordinaire and thanks for watching.


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