How to Draw Faces With Oil Pastels

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Oil pastels are great to use to draw faces because they can create thick line qualities, large areas of shading and smudged tonal quality. Discover the versatility of oil pastels with instructions from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, I'm Bill Connolly, your cartoonist and Artist Extraordinaire. How do you draw faces with oil pastels. I'm just going to make a circle here with a pencil. And block it off. And here's all the areas. Got the flesh tones here. And you can start to fill them in. This guy's got a medium nose. And you can go in and I'm just going to play it out real quick. Touch your eyebrows. And I'm going to give him some blue eyes. A little bit of shine to it. And some, put a pupil in there. And also up his lashes, a little bit there. Very good. And then you can go in and give him some grayish hair. This is just to scope it out. To fill in the rest of the shading later. Which will come in. Maybe he's extra tired and he's got the bags under his eyes. But his chin will come down here. It'll be a shade under, under here. Usually under the head. Come down. And that is just to get the line. Lines or maybe a crease there. Because he's extra tired. And I'm going to bring around the top. You can add side burns and later on. And then you fill in the colors. A little bit later on. But that's basically how to apply it. And how to get started with oil pastels making a face. I'm Bill Connolly, a cartoonist and Artist Extraordinaire. And thanks for watching.


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