How Much Money Do Graphic Designers Make?

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Graphic designers make different amounts of money depending on what company they work for, how successful they are and who their clients are. Calculate a graphic designer's salary, which can range from $40,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, with information from the creative director of a design firm in this free video on graphic design.

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Video Transcript

You know somewhere between forty, fifty thousand dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars I'm sure and you know there have been and there continue to be very successful designers. Rod Dyer in California I know, you know, did very well. There was a bunch of people out there that did quite well as designers. And, it's, you know, it certainly is a matter of where you are, who you are, what kind of projects you're working on, that kind of thing, where you are in the organization. I've really, I really prefer to be outside the organization, because it allows me to actually deal with the decision maker. When you're on staff someplace, you know, you're, you're down in the pecking order, you're down on the ladder someplace, and so you have a tendency to have people with preconceived ideas tell you what to do, and that isn't the best for communication, you need to see things from the outside, you need to have an objective view in the world, and so, I would prefer to have a President or a CEO or somebody tell me about the business, and tell me about what it was that needed to be communicated. And, have those kinds of interactions, and to be able to present to people as high up in the hierarchy as possible. The people who actually make the decisions because a presentation really involves understanding what you design, why you designed it, and why you believe that it is the best solution for the particular problem, and that's important. And, if you know that then you can communicate why it is that this is, this is the best possible solution. If you don't know that you shouldn't be presenting it. I mean a designer should know. I see a lot of designs where designers just throw out ten things, they just don't know, they just put a bunch of shapes and colors together and say o.k. You pick it out. Well, it's not, it's for the designer to bring the solution to the client. Now, good clients make great designers. A client that understands what the, what needs to be done, will see in your presentation that, that's the best possible solution.


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