A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

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A day in the life of a graphic designer includes going through emails, getting back to clients, reviewing proofs, drawing out concepts and consulting with printers. Walk through a typical day of a graphic designer with information from the creative director of a design firm in this free video on graphic design.

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First thing happens is e-mail takes maybe an hour to go through your e-mails. And at that point you're getting feedback on proofs that you've sent out, PDFs that people have been sent, I still in a traditional way make a drawing on 8.5 by 11 paper with a pencil and a marker and flesh out an idea. This is how it's going to fold, this is what you're going to see first, this is if it's a print piece, and if it's a banner or something, and it's going to move this is going to be the first frame, this is going to be the second frame and generally fax that to clients to get their OK on it and kind of involve them in the idea and make sure that I understand from whatever brief they've given me that I understand what they had in mind. Of course Marsha McKee does all of the production and the design after the initial layouts and I'll go over projects with her and she has questions about things that are coming up so that's generally the first part of the day. Dealing with printers and clients, I spent a lot of time communicating with our supplies and with our clients and the representatives, we have a representative Jim Hall in California and he checks in every morning at about 6:00 his time and so we have some discussion about what's going on. Waiting for the FedEX's to come in of samples and things. There's still in print, on the web you can just proof it and look at it, here it is, but with print pieces you really need to see what it's going to be. People are going to hold it in their hand so the designer actually should hold it in their hand exactly the way their prospect and the design that we do is primarily advertising design and communication design so I consider the person, the audience to be the prospect and I consider what we're doing is dressing up a salesman to go and see them and we need to know who it is that they're going to go and see so we know how to dress them, what they should look like, how are they going to, how do you dress to impress for a brochure or something. That's the most important part. The graphics is supposed to communicate what's going on, communicate your message but the actual decoration of it needs to be though about very carefully.


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