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Dremel tool accessories are vast, including metal cutting tools, metal grinding tools and router bits, but also flex shaft attachments, which make smaller projects easier to execute. Learn about the various accessories for Dremel tools with advice from a jewelry maker and gemologist in this free video on tools.

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The question, is about dremel tool accessories. This is a dremel tool, and it's a multi-purpose cutting tool, grinding tool, it's a hand held grinder. Generally, you're going to buy a kit, that looks very similar to this right here, where you've got metal cutting tools, and you've got metal grinding tools. You can also buy a kit, that looks like this one here, that has router bits. These are wood cutting tools. A router is an excellent choice for guitar makers and jewelry makers, and anybody that does any sort of wood sculpting or metal sculpting, a dremel is a fabulous tool for this, but once you've got a dremel, you'll probably go crazy, and then you're going to start getting into things like this right here, and then you'll probably end up with a cabinet like this, that's full of dremel accessories. Also, you can get something called a flexshaft unit, where the dremel itself sits over here, and all you have in your hand, is the hand piece, and that is exactly what professional jewelers use, is that system, where we have our motor up here, and then we have our flexible shaft, with our hand piece here. The dremel offers you that option, and it's very handy. It has to do with weight. If you're doing very fine delicate grinding, the weight of this entire unit,every now and then, gets pretty burdensome, so the flexshaft is a wonderful attachment, but in a nutshell, you can never have too many attachments for your dremel. You'll go crazy.


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