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Promote a concert by finding a venue, selling tickets, passing out fliers, handing out demo CDs and e-mailing friends and acquaintances. Use the Internet to help promote a music show with ideas from a musician and band member in this free video on music promotion.

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In this next clip I'm going to be talking about the tips you take to promote your concert. One of the first things you need to know if you're getting ready to do your own show is get ready to work, because when you are doing a show, a lot of work has to go in to it if you want to have a good show. You don't put in a lot of work, usually there's not going to be a lot of people there, it's not going to go well. First of all, you need to find a venue, which is not always the easiest thing, but usually if you look around you can find places, I mean, usually there are clubs out there, bars if you're old enough, that you can find, and usually you have to talk to the person in charge, or at least someone who books those shows, and once you talk to them, then usually you can find steps of getting in to that place. Sometimes you'll have to pay for tickets, sometimes you'll have to pay for tickets in advanced, like the promoter will say, I'll have you play on this night, but then you have to pay for fifty tickets, and then sell them. Those are some things you have to do, which also again goes in to work, because then you have to sell those tickets. Then, once you have a venue, the thing you have to do now is promote, promote, promote, and there are a lot of different things you can do, and all of them are good choices. You need to pass out flyers, you need to go out on the street, pass out a CD with maybe a few songs on it of yours, it you have like a two songs demo, that way people can listen to you and come to your show, because you can hand someone a flyer, and it could be the most flashy flyer you've ever seen, but if someone's never heard you before, they're not really going to take the time out of their day to come down and pay money to see you. So if you, they can actually listen to you, and they actually like you, it's a good way of getting down there. Another way, too, is MySpace, anything online. If you have a MySpace page for your band, you can email all the different people on there. If you just even have a normal email, you can email your friends, tell them to email their friends, and that kind of thing, and that way you get people at your show, because that's the most important thing. I mean, you can play shows all day long, but if there are no people there, there's no point in doing it. So those are a few steps you can take to having a good show.


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