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Make background music as the basis for a song by recording the drums, bass and guitar before adding different layers of sound to make the song more interesting. Consider adding a catchy guitar solo or strings to the background of a song with advice from a musician and band member in this free video on making music.

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In this next clip we're going to talk about how to make background music. Now, a lot of things that people in bands don't realize, and sometimes do a lot is when you're recording a brand new song and you're in the studio there are obviously things you need to do. You need to record basic instruments like drums, bass, guitar. There's always got to be that basic core of instruments that make a song really, but one thing that you can do with songs that sometimes people neglect, and sometimes people don't know is or do is that you can add to a song, whether it be different instruments, different sounds, different guitar parts; even different drum parts. You see, the more you layer a song the more interesting it becomes. You know, if a song's just pretty basic, pretty simple that's okay. There are songs that are good that are that way, but if you can add something extra to it it's going to be more interesting to listen to. If you're playing a song and you add some strings to it; you could add an orchestra to it. I mean, even something like that can add to a song, and has added to so many great songs that have come out. In a fast song, sometimes you can add a very like catchy lead guitar solo that's even sometimes simple, but just adds a little bit more layers to it which makes the song more interesting, cause' that's something that you don't really think about when you're listening to a song. But, the more interesting it is; the more layered it is the more you'll want to listen to it and the more you'll get out of it. And you'll listen to a song more and more, and sometimes find parts you didn't even know were there the first time you listened to it, and that's what makes a song interesting. So, make sure that you don't forget that, and make sure you try and add that in when you can.


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